Ownership and Partnership
The Eternal Tournament game will be developed and owned by Jeff's company Objectiweb Inc.
A lean team of employees and subcontractors will work on the game (see section Team). Game partners and community will influence our feature development roadmap
The Eternal Tournament will be released in partnership with zâ‚łmbiez project owned by Harry Esquivel (zâ‚łmbieKing). zAmbiez is a fast growing audience, respected as a high quality PFP project with respected leadership guiding it's roadmap. The partnership is mutually beneficia. The Eternal Tournament will add utility to zâ‚łmbiez's PFP collections; zâ‚łmbiez will add artistic appeal and exposure of its existing community to the game.
Anticipated game main characters are Mini Ninja Heroes (MNH) collection characters and zâ‚łmbiez collection characters. These characters may also be used in game menus, tutorials, and promotional material. Harry Esquivel will remain full owner of all zâ‚łmbiez related characters.
Game design will support combat between any CNFT from the MNH and zâ‚łmbiez collections. Both collections will remain the face of the game and adapted for play through successive iterations. Future partners may also be onboarded, using their collections as tournament participants and game rewards.
Ownership of at least one CNFT from either MNH or zâ‚łmbiez collection is required to play the game (except in free mode). In result, the game incorporates inherent incentive to invest in either collection for as long as the player interacts with the game..
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