Sample Use Case

This use case represents the experience we have planned from the end user’s perspective. This particular case represents a semi finals day.
This represent the experience from a feature complete version of the game. See our disclaimer for more details.


  • Players : Gamers. They use the game and their NFTs to compete
  • Community Participant : Potential user. Does not play the game yet or just prefers watching. Mainly interacts through Twitter or other social medias.
  • Twitter Announcer Bot : Specific Twitter bot account developed by the team to release game info over Twitter. This could also be a Discord bot. Use-case would be very similar.

Events of the day : Semi finals

  • Community Participants / Players : Connect to Twitter and see results from yesterday through the Twitter announcer bot account.
  • Community participants / Players : Click links on Twitter to look at different game results for players that they like. Link leads to our public and free animated game viewer. Later in development, animated game results could be rendered as videos and embedded directly in Twitter posts.
  • Community participants / Players receive a new Twitter or in app notification about the semi final players for the day. Information on who they are and their stats are available.
  • Community participants / Players know that players have the day to analyze their opponents and choose their moves carefully. Game enthusiasm is sustained over a 24 hour period.
  • Community participants hyped about his favourite player potentially winning the tournament.
  • Player A opens the mobile app or a web browser to prepare for the semi final fight. Player authenticates with Google (or other similar) and reaches the daily fight dashboard.
  • Player A inspects the daily next fight dashboard. He is presented with his available moves and customization options as simple buttons. Example : Player A needs to select an attack move and a defence move. For the attack, he can choose:
    • Strike : 5-10 damage against “Defensive stance” and 15-19 damage against “Watchful riposte.”
    • Sneak attack : 30-35 damage against “Defensive stance” and 0 damage against “Watchful riposte” + receive counterattack damage.
      For the defence move he can choose between “Defensive stance” and “Watchful riposte” and get similar statistical information. He also has buttons to select associated, taunt, emoji or visual special for both the attack move and defence move.
  • Player A determines his strategy. He decides to go with “sneak attack” : a riskier less predictable move in his opinion. He also selects taunts that he knows his fans will like. He also selects an emote that he thinks will trigger his opponent's fan base on Twitter. Player A is a top troll.
  • Player A goes on Twitter to tease his opponent.
  • CNFTCommunity participants watch players start playing mind games with each other on Twitter. They get excited and start participating in the competitive banter!
  • CNFTCommunity participants / Players excitedly await the results in app or on Twitter.
  • Twitter Announcer Bot reveals combat results at a specific time at the end of the day. Combat results are viewable through the animated game viewer.
  • Community Participants / Players watch the semi-final result matches.
  • Twitter engagement is at an all time high in anticipation for the final match tomorrow!