Game Progression

Upgrade slots NFTs

The game will allow players to equip power ups up in upgrade slots (much like Diablo’s sockets). These will act as both a progression and balancing tool. The game will recognize a maximum number of slots for each category. There are two categories of slots :
  • Wallet/Game account upgrade slots - maximum of two recognized by the game). These bonuses will apply to every CNFT combatant regardless of collection.
  • Collection specific upgrade slots - maximum of three per collection recognized by the game. These bonuses will apply to every CNFT combatant within a collection.

Upgrade CNFTs

Upgrade CNFTs can be slotted in upgrade slots (account or collection). There are multiple types of upgrades available.
  • NFT restricted multi stat bonuses +1 +2 or +3
  • Stat bonuses +1 +2 +3
  • Single use upgrades or legendary special effect

Cosmetic unlocks CNFTs

Cosmetic unlocks would simply need to be held in the players wallet to be usable in game.

Intro Music

Small audio clip from a CNFT owned by the player. Would need to be short, because combats will be very fast. Player could select which part he wants to use or we could release specific NFTs for this purpose with partnered CNFT projects.


Visual chat bubble that appears on the user interface when watching a combat result. The different types of taunts are
  • Text
  • Images
    • Emoji
    • Animated GIF
    • Other images such as memes


Text could say, “I’m the best!,” “Your defence is weak,” ”zAmbiez forever!,” etc. The taunting player would need to own the associated CNFT.


Could be used to simply display an emoji/image/animated gif. Would need to own the associated CNFT.

Attack Effects and Animations

These would be simple animated effects that you could use to represent the attack action. There will be a base one included in the game (not as a CNFT). Slotted animation upgrade would replace the basic animation.


User interface (UI) themes for app UI and combat display visualizer