Litepaper: The Eternal Tournament

Introduction: vision

An eternal tournament where your CNFTs compete for glory and epic CNFT rewards. Players select fighters and moves for daily fights that compose weekly, monthly and yearly tournaments. The community can follow combat results and tournament updates in-app, on Twitter, and on Discord using announcer bots. Transparent and straightforward combat systems with high risk and high reward options encourage mind games on social media. Win fights and tournaments to unlock content and features such as power-ups, elite tournaments and other unique rewards! Show off and customize your experience with custom intro music from the CNFT community, move names, taunts, emojis and attack effects. Watch out! If you lose in a final, the winner might be able to lay down some permanent punishment!
You will need to hold multiple CNFTs from the supported collections to maximize your playtime and chances of winning. The first tournament will kick off with Mini Ninja Heroes vs z₳mbiez in 2022!


The following document describes the game with the desired feature set at writing. The goal is to provide a development structure, progressive roadmap and high-level vision of the project. The feature list will evolve and change over time due to the community-driven first development approach that we want to follow. The first releases will have basic features and will not include all planned features named below. Parts will be added incrementally and are expected to reach maturity by 2023.
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